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Push Protocol, previously known as EPNS, is a decentralized communication and notification system for Web3. The protocol allows dApps, smart contracts, backends, or other protocols to communicate both on-chain and off-chain across multiple blockchain networks in a gasless and platform-agnostic manner. Our current suite of products include Push Notifications, Push Chat , Group Chat, NFT Chat, Push Video and Push Spaces, .all aimed at enhancing interaction within the Web3 ecosystem.


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Our Judging Criteria

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πŸ“***Grant Program***

πŸ“Learn Solidity

Why should you integrate Push Protocol in your dApp?

  1. Notifications drive everything that people do across web2, whether it is checking emails, checking social media, uploading pictures, or buying something from Amazon. Notifications drive user interaction from the moment a person engages with their phone or computer to the moment they get a reply or their delivery arrives.
  2. Push Protocol is that missing piece of the puzzle in Web3 - the web3’s communication layer.
  3. Push Chat is another major product that can be used for wallet-to-wallet chat and can be applied for applications like help desk. Group chat will drive even more engagement in the web3 space.

Our current list of products include Push Notifications, Push Chat - Group Chat, NFT Chat, Push Video and Push Spaces, .which can be integrated using our SDK.

<aside> βš™ Explore all the resources, including past projects by hackers, workshops, GitHub Examples, and more here:

Notifications, Chat & Video Ultimate Resources and Ideas


<aside> πŸ“½οΈ Here’s an All-in-one video tutorial of implementing Push!: Workshop Link


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                 πŸ“© ***[Download the cheat-sheet here](<https://drive.google.com/file/d/1m-tGKx5HOE4k1qAQesyhPXbWrjyYrbHU/view?usp=drive_link>)***


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ETHOnline 2023

  1. The Golden Fusion: Push All-Rounder Award

    Prize: $2000

  2. Pushing Boundaries Award (Most Creative Idea Using Push Protocol

    Prize: $1800

  3. Pushing Boundaries Award (Most Creative Idea Using Push Protocol)

    Prize: $1200

Checkout all the details on these bounties here!

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Read into the basics in our User Guide linked below,

Getting Started

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Dive straight into our Developer guide below,

Getting Started